The Week in Review: Graduation Season

For college students, summer’s here. With graduation comes the inevitable commencement speech, a half-hour of sage advice doled out by celebrated alumni and big thinkers—everyone from actors to professors and even the Secretary of State.

Not surprisingly, the event draws crowds beyond the student body. While Steve Jobs and writer David Foster Wallace were beloved while alive, their speeches to graduating students at Stanford and Kenyon Universities, respectively, rank amongst their most memorable public appearances.

Meanwhile, students have historically approached this time of the year with a mixture of trepidation and relief. Some are looking forward to graduate school, while others are realizing it’s time to update the ol’ LinkedIn profile.

Even if you’re not graduating, education is a lifelong process. These magazines show what any one of us might stand to learn.

Millenials by Nat: 2014’s graduating class is the millennial generation: an entire group of people for whom life on the Internet is second nature. Take a look at this magazine to discover the idiosyncrasies of our planet’s future leaders.

Life After GPC Survival Guide by GPC alumni: You’ve traded in the cap and gown for a bathing suit. Then what? Figure out how to begin to navigate adulthood in this magazine.

Internship Source by Christina E. Rodriguez: An internship is an excellent opportunity to gain new skills in a short amount of time. It could also lead to a career. All your internship-related needs can be found in this magazine.

Career Advice by Karolina: A job requires more than a diploma. Most of the time it also means knowing what you want, and how to get it. Get the requisite advice in this magazine.

Job by Mehdi Mohammadzadeh: Maybe you’re looking for a new challenge, or maybe you’re just bored; changing careers is all the rage these days. Have a look at this magazine to see how today’s workforce is constantly evolving.

Financial Independence by Maya Wong: For some of us, the ATM holds a big surprise—as in how much, or how little, money awaits us. Learn how to plan for your financial future with this magazine.

Graduation Greats by Flipboard Features: Commencement speeches give speakers a pedestal—literally and figuratively—to give the kind of advice they wish they’d heard. Find out what some of the world’s brightest have to say in this magazine.

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