The Week in Review: Endless Summer

Summer unofficially kicked off last Monday (at least here in the U.S.) and with it came a surf-sized wave of articles about things to read, eat, drink and listen to, as well as places to go, and what to wear.

In other words, summer swims with potential. F. Scott Fitzgerald once wrote: “I had that familiar conviction that life was beginning over again with summer.” The warm weather brings plenty of less existential choices for both indoor and outdoor types: jam-packed music festivals, big-budget blockbusters, and the sweet, sunkissed aroma of grilled meat and ripe fruit.

To get a taste of what the season has to offer, check out these magazines offering some clever suggestions for how to spend your summer:

27 Summer Cocktails by New York Times: Summer’s colorful—why not your cocktail? Take some tips from the New York Times’s resident drink columnist, Rosie Schapp, who’s also reinvented the drinking game over here.

Summer Food and Fun by Cinzia: Consider this your itinerary come June. Start checking things off in this magazine, where you’ll find plenty of whimsical, practical takes on how, and where, to spend your days under the sun.

Grilling and Smoking Barbecue by BBQ is a science—a sweet, smoky, spicy science, and a delicious one at that. Learn how to get that charred, caramel-colored crust on your steak or slow roast a pork shoulder to perfection. Or combine the best of both worlds and turn your BBQ into a home smoker.

Camping Done Right by Denver Dellinger: Easy camping hacks from this magazine will ensure tons of fun in the great outdoors. Go easy on the mosquito repellant.

Out of BOUNDS by Brian Bianco: Wanderlusts, beware: the scenic and remote locations in this magazine are in fact as beautiful as they appear. Get out of the house this summer and snap your own memories.

Escapes by travel: Everyone’s on vacation—where are they going? Whether you’re trying to find the crowds or avoid them, read this magazine beforehand.

~ShonaS is reading “Holiday Road (5/30)