The Week in Review: Eric Cantor Loses Leadership

On Tuesday, Eric Cantor lost his seat as representative of Virginia’s 7th Congressional District, making history by becoming the first House majority leader to lose the primary in over a century. Cantor was defeated by the Tea Party’s David Brat, an economics professor and political unknown.

Cantor’s ouster was unexpected according to early polls. After calling his defeat a “personal failure,” Cantor resigned as House majority leader, effective late July. The election results not only stunned the House, but left leaders from both parties scratching their heads. Without a clear successor to the role of majority leader, the GOP finds itself at a crossroads.

For a deeper dive, we’ve collected a list of magazines exploring what Eric Cantor’s upset means to the future of the Republican Party:

Go “Inside Politics” by John King: Curated by key CNN reporters and producers, this mag is a great way to get a political education. With a recent focus on Hillary Clinton and Eric Cantor, it provides relevant context for the most newsworthy stories from the political realm.

Commonsense Immigration Reform by House Democrats : The Commonsense Immigration Reform has passed in the Senate, and now House Republicans have the power to put the plan into action. Check out this magazine to get the latest on immigration reform.

RNC Morning Reads by Republican National Committee: Compiling the top daily reads of the Republican National Committee, this magazine offers a Republican perspective on pressing news affecting the polls.

H-232 The Speaker’s Office by Speaker John Boehner: Presented by Speaker of the House John Boehner, this media-heavy mag keeps you updated on what’s inside the House of Representatives—as well as some light humor from the Speaker himself.

Tea Party News by Toby Marie Walker: With the election of David Brat over incumbent Eric Cantor, the Tea Party has plenty to celebrate. Flip through this magazine to learn more about America’s largest grassroots movement.

2014 Election: Primary Season by Flipboard Newsdesk: Focusing on the primary elections, this magazine reports the latest political developments from counties across the country. Check it out for all your post-election updates.

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