The Week in Review: Hong Kong’s Umbrella Revolution

Thousands of pro-Democracy protesters took to the streets of Hong Kong over a week ago to fight for the right to choose their own leadership, an opinion at odds with the Chinese government.

Tensions started to rise in August after the Chinese parliament voted to pre-approve candidates who would appear on the ballot in Hong Kong and picked up more recently with the student-led revolt.

The government in China denounced the protests as “illegal acts” and insisted the conflict is a domestic issue.

“Hong Kong affairs are China’s internal affairs,” said Wang Yi, the Chinese foreign minister. “All countries should respect China’s sovereignty.”

But the protesters show no signs of backing down.

“Let’s all stay strong, stand firm, keep fighting to the end,” said Alex Chow of the Hong Kong Federation of Students. “We are fighting for universal suffrage and the right to nominate our leaders.”

Although largely peaceful, the uprising was dubbed the “Umbrella Revolution” because of the umbrellas used to shield against pepper spray and tear gas from the police. Over 91 people have been injured.

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