Easy Tools for Bloggers to Bring Content to Flipboard


Are you a blogger? We’ve introduced a couple of tools to help get your content to Flipboard faster and to expand your reach. You may have already seen share plugins on your favorite blogs. They are a row of social media “badges” you can click on to share a post on a specific network. Some of them can display how many people have shared or viewed a certain article, too.

Flipboard is now an option on AddThis, ShareThis, AddtoAny and Shareaholic plugins. These services offer many ways to add custom share buttons, recommended related content and share counts to your blog posts.

Not everyone uses the same set of social media platforms. Offering more options for readers to share your blog increases the chances you have at reaching their friends, their friends of friends, and so on! And once a post emerges in a Flipboard magazine, you’ll get a blast of exposure with the help of topics.

Depending on what CMS you use, many of them allow you to add customizable widgets and plugins.

Here is an installation guide for each sharing plugin:


AddThis  tools allow bloggers to engage their visitors with easy-to-embed content recommendations and social media calls to action, like tweeting the post or sharing to Facebook with a comment. From the AddThis Tool Gallery, you can pick and customize share tools by clicking on “Get code.”


Installation instructions:

Screen Shot 2014-11-05 at 5.05.33 PM


ShareThis plugins are able to power social actions on your blog and can generate trending content streams for both web and mobile publishing. For iOS and Android app developers, there is a mobile SDK available to help make your apps more social.

From the front page of ShareThis.com, click on “Get the Code.” Pick the CMS that you use, pick the style of buttons and customize the social networks you want to appear.

Installation instructions:

Screen Shot 2014-11-05 at 5.09.26 PM


AddToAny is a universal sharing plugin that allows you to embed sharing buttons on any website, whether it’s a CMS like WordPress or even custom-coded by yourself.

On the front page of AddToAny.com, click on “Get the Share Buttons,” choose your CMS and customize the code.


Installation instructions:

Screen Shot 2014-11-05 at 4.41.18 PM


Shareaholic is a plugin that helps increase audience and revenue through social media sharing, related content referrals, analytics, and more. This particular plugin can be helpful if you have an online shop on Squarespace or Shopify and want to bring items to Flipboard.

On the front page of Shareaholic.com, click on “Add Shareaholic to your website” and choose “Get Started” under the share buttons.


Installation instructions:


The additional stats from using any of these plugins combined with your personal Flipboard analytics can show you how your reader community shares. When you discover where you’re getting the most interactions, it pays to participate in that community.

It even helps to seed your blogs into your own magazines. If you are a writer or applying for a new job that requires writing samples, a Flipboard magazine chock full of your posts can be a great on-the-go asset.

Did you try any of these social plugins? Let us know how it worked out for you by tweeting to @FlipboardMag.

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