The Week in Review: Why Millennials Matter

Ranging in age from 14 to 34, the millennial generation is a study in contrasts. In spite of their technological savvy, liberal politics and college diplomas, the group is often accused of being self-absorbed, easily distracted and even deluded. But the evidence might be premature.

While a rough economy’s to blame for their chronic unemployment, millennials are “making their mark on higher education” to halt the problem. Concerned about the government’s ability to “combat injustices,” the group has become more civically engaged than their elders. And if you’re wondering whether or not they’re narcissists, at least they’re plenty self-aware.

As the world’s largest generation, millennials will continue to leave an impression. To see who they are—and what they’ve already achieved—explore these standout magazines on Flipboard.

Millennial Generation by Francisco Kemeny: Even though the highly individualistic millennial shirks most trends, there are certain similarities within the group. See if you can spot some here.

Higher Education by Arthur R. Smith: An exceedingly well-educated bunch, Generation Y is making strides to change the future of education. In this mag, see what the future holds for higher learning.

Tech Savvy by Noneofyour Businesssir: Practically raised online, millennials were born early adopters. Today they’re responsible for some of technology’s greatest innovations. Like what? Read on.

Economy Watch by Jerry Bucknoff: After the recession began in 2008, millennials were thrust into an uncertain job market. While things have gotten marginally better, joblessness continues to plague young Americans. Is there hope? For a brighter perspective, look here.

Social Media Updates by Juan Hernandez: For twenty and thirty-somethings, social media profiles can be more indicative of reality than, well, reality. But establishing a code of conduct has been a tricky, troublesome feat. In this magazine, watch as social media matures.

Youth Tech And Science by Brian Bailey: Marijuana legalization, the world’s most expensive potato salad and Instagram filters—these are just some of the concerns floating inside the average millennial’s mind. And when you take a closer look, they’re far from trivial, as this magazine demonstrates.

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